Arrival – from 14.00.
Departure – until 12.00

Arrivals after 22:00 are subject to a surcharge of EUR 10.
The minimum rental period in the off-season is 2 nights, the minimum rental period in the season is 7 nights.

If you wish to rent an apartment for a shorter period, please arrange this in advance.

Billing Preferences:

  • Advance booking is required on the day of booking, ie 30% of the total amount, and the balance 70 days prior to arrival.
  • If less than 70 days prior to arrival, please make a transfer or payment directly for the full amount. Exceptional conditions may apply.

Accommodation can be paid for in advance.|
Payment on arrival at the apartment. Payment can be made in cash.

Cancellation policy:

  • If the booking is canceled 70 days or more before arrival, the amount is refunded in full.
  • If the booking is canceled less than 70 days before arrival, the pins are non-refundable (exceptional conditions may apply).
  • If the order is canceled less than 70 days before arrival, any day after the prepayment for the services has already been made, payment by bank transfer or debit of a certain pre-agreed amount, 100 percent of the amount paid is non-refundable in all cases.
  • In case of no-show on the day of booking, 100 percent of the prepaid amount is non-refundable in all cases.

How to cancel an order:

  • If you booked a number through our partner BOOKING.COM, follow your email. instructions in the mail or contact customer service.
  • If you have booked the apartment directly by e-mail. by mail or phone, please contact us by phone or email. by mail.
  • Please note that the room rate is based on a maximum of 3 adults and 1 child, with an additional charge for guests over the age of 12.

Children can be accommodated at any age. Baby cots are available in the apartment for children up to 6 years old at an additional cost upon prior notice.

Payment for additional services:

  • All booked extra services are included in the total price of the reservation and are paid in advance or on arrival at the apartment.
  • Pets: Pets are not allowed. In exceptional cases it is necessary to coordinate with the apartment owner, the service may be paid.
  • Extension of accommodation: The extension of the stay can be extended only with the prior agreement of the apartment owner (no later than 24 hours before the scheduled departure time).
  • Indemnification: in case of loss or damage of the apartment inventory, the perpetrators will indemnify the damage with a ratio of 1: 2. If guests cannot be accommodated due to damage, the full price of the apartment will be paid during the damage repair period.
  • There is a charge of EUR 100 for lost keys.
  • A fee of EUR 100 is charged for a lost parking remote control.


  • move furniture (without the approval of the administration)
  • store flammable materials
  • damage the inventory of the apartment, leave the electrical appliances on
    accommodate more people than indicated in case of failure of the apartment inventory, do not notify the administration.
  • Use electrical appliances unless those appliances are taken from the administration and the administration is notified in advance of the use of such appliances. (It is not forbidden to use various chargers: computers, telephones, shavers, hair dryers).
  • Keep animals and birds without prior notice to the administration.
  • Keep aggressive animals that can harm other people.
  • Make noise at night (22:00 – 7:00) and do not allow those around you to sleep.
  • Smoking in the apartments. Fine – 100 eur. For the safety of guests, all rooms are equipped with fire alarms.
  • Leave young children unattended.
  • Bring out bystanders, organize parties or other gatherings.
    Failure to comply with internal general rules.


  • Follow the general rules of use.
  • Pay immediately for all services provided (exceptions may apply in individual cases).
  • When leaving the apartment, hand over the keys to the person in charge.
  • Strictly follow fire safety rules.
  • When leaving the apartment, make sure that all electrical appliances are properly switched off: lights, TV, etc.
  • Remember to check that all hot and cold water taps are tightly closed.
  • When leaving, make sure that the apartment is securely locked and that no unauthorized person can enter it.


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