Palanga concert hall
During your vacation, don't forget to pamper your soul with live music, a good concert or a memorable performance. Various events are regularly held in Palanga's concert hall.

Bar 1925
Upon entering, you will see a cozy and spacious cafe divided into two separate halls. In the summer, we will invite you to our outdoor patio. In the winter evenings, you can relax and have dinner by the burning fireplace, which creates a cozy, calm and relaxing environment.

Peace Culture Center
Concerts, chamber performances, literary evenings and book presentations, non-commercial cinema screenings are held here all year round on weekend evenings, and daily during the summer months.

Naglis cinema
On those rainy Lithuanian summer evenings, mornings or afternoons when you are in Palanga, the best entertainment is a good movie, it can only be a good movie in the cinema.

Night clubs
Palanga's nightlife is certainly not far behind the big cities of Lithuania.

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