We are offering you to visit one of these restaurants in Palanga.


One of the best places to eat is not only in Palanga, but also throughout Lithuania! In 2017, out of the top 30 Lithuanian restaurants “Onore” ranked 19th. Here you can start your day with a great breakfast, dine on original lunch, also enjoy a special dinner. Also, the menu is very diverse and is suited for fish lovers, vegetarians and even vegans!

We would like to remind you that for those staying in the Palanga Apartments discounted prices at Onore Restaurant apply.

Address: M. Valanciaus st. 1, Palanga. 


In 2017 cafe “Raze” was opened on Vytautas street. The wooden terrace on the river bank, which radiates authenticity and uniqueness. Here you can relax barefoot, swing in the hammock and enjoy live concerts! The food here is original, uncommon, be sure to come and try it out!

Note: the cafe is open during the summer season.

Address: Vytauto st. 84, Palanga. 


At „Pajurio kepyklele“, you will find everything: cakes, pies, pastas, buns, breads, muffins, etc.! There are not many seats to eat in the bakery itself, so it’s best to take your goods out.

Where to find: Ganyklu st. 6, Palanga. 


This place in Palanga really should please young people, but also the families that come will be pleasantly surprised. A cozy bar offering a great selection of foods and drinks.

Where to find: Gintaro st. 43, Palanga. 


The best restaurant in Palanga, which ranked 13th among in the TOP30 Lithuanian restaurants. There is probably nothing more to say.

Where to find: Birutes avenue 60, Palanga.


If you want to eat filling lunch in southern Palanga, have a taste of Ukrainian cuisine in “Zvaigzde” villa.

Where to find: S. Daukanto st. 6, Palanga.


Cozy and delicious, here’s how you can describe this restaurant! Their brand name burgers are very popular, so we suggest you taste it.

Where to find: Vytauto st. 112, Palanga. 


What kind of Palanga, what kind of sea without fresh fish? Have a taste of her and seafood in the famous restaurant “Zuvine”.

Where to find: Basanaviciaus st. 37a, Palanga. 


A very cozy cafe in Palanga, where you can taste both Lithuanian cuisine and European cuisine. There is an outdoor terrace in the cafe! By the way, there is also a music club which holds concerts!

Where to find: Birutes al. 47, Palanga.

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