Places to visit

Palanga is the largest and most popular resort in Lithuania, so both in Palanga itself and around Palanga there are many places worth visiting and having fun.

Palanga Museum Amber

Located in the center of the Birute park, the museum is one of the most visited in the country. exhibits.

Lithuanian Sea Museum

24 huge modern aquariums, which contain three times more fish than before reconstruction. Visitors of the Maritime Museum of Lithuania were able to see this with their own eyes since the end of 2017. Four years later, they finally opened a completely transformed and shiny new aquarium, the biggest highlight of which is the tunnel, where visitors will feel as if they are submerged under water, because sturgeons, stingrays and other fish will swim above their heads.


Dolphinarium of the Lithuanian Maritime Museum was opened in 1994. This dolphinarium, created in Smiltin, is the only one on the entire eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Funny performances by the museum's resident dolphins, sea lions and seals attract crowds of visitors every time, therapeutic sessions are held in the museum, and educational events are organized for children.

Klaipeda Zoo
Today there are about 200 animals in the zoo. This collection consists of more than 150 species, many of which are listed in the Lithuanian and international Red Books.


Palang botanical park
One of the most beautiful, rich and well-managed parks in Lithuania. The author of the park plan project is the famous French architect Eduard François Andre (1840-1911), who together with his son René Eduard Andre (1867-1942) spent several years in Palanga and supervised the work on the park's foundation.


Dutch hat
Holland's Cape is a 24.4 m high rock on the coast of the Baltic Sea, with a view of the sea with steep shores and rocky beaches. It is convenient to observe birds flying over the sea from the rock.


Park in Birut
A pleasant vacation in Palanga is unimaginable not only without the sea, but also without a walk in one of the most beautiful parks in Eastern Europe - Birute Park. This resort area, which is called the pearl of Palanga, is renovated every year to make it even more attractive for vacationers.


Sea bridge
It is difficult to imagine Palanga without a sea bridge - this is a place that attracts everyone who comes to the country's largest resort. The bridge offers a beautiful view of the dunes, the yellow beach and the endless sea. Here you can listen to the sound of the sea, the cry of seagulls, and in the evening you can comfortably sit on the benches and enjoy the last rays of the sun setting in the sea together with your loved ones.


ulitsa Ionosa Basanavichyusa
This is the central street of the city. Previously, this street was called Tyškevičius Street or boulevard. In 1923, Palanga was visited by Dr. Jonas Basanavičius. In honor of the patriarch of the nation, the residents of Palanga named the boulevard Tishkeviciusa Я. Basanavichyusa.


Mountain in Birut
While walking along one of the most beautiful places in Palanga - the Birute park - you must visit the Birute hill. Here, on the territory of the former Tyshkiewicz estate, a century-old Biruta pine forest has been preserved, which is considered sacred, and it surrounds the legendary Biruta mountain, which rises 21 meters above sea level, from where a beautiful view of the raging sea opens. .


Palanga Kurhaus
Для когото это память о строй и романтической Паланге, для когото место модельного разгула, для когото это имя.

Dom Antanas Monchisa — museum
Посещение дома А. Monchisa - the museum will leave an impression not only on art lovers, but also on children. Why? By the will of the artist, visitors can touch the sculptures here!

Musical fountain
The musical fountain in the warm season surprises the animators with the dance of music, light and water. You can choose your favorite melody to which the fountain will dance by sending an SMS message from a special playlist. Every day, artists entertain free hourly shows.

Palangi sculpture park
Located in the center of the city, at the intersection of Vytautas and Y. The Simpsons Sculpture Park not only attracts the attention of passers-by - in the summer it becomes a place of attraction for those who like to relax with family, children or friends.


Shvyantoi is a resort village on the coast of the Baltic Sea, 12 km north of the center of Palanga. The village is located on the left bank of the Shvyanta River, where it flows into the Baltic Sea. This is an old fishing village, where archeological finds date back to 3000 BC. pr. m. е.


Sculpture "Daughters of the Fisherman".
In 1982, an impressive 4-meter sculptural composition «Fisherman's Daughters» was installed in the dunes at the gates of Shvyantayya port - three long-haired girls looking out to sea and waiting for their father to return from fishing.

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