About Palanga


Palanga is one of the most beautiful places of nature in Lithuania. Many love it for its fresh pine air, soft and crumby sand, clear sea water. Those arriving here find so much desired and enjoyable rest for the whole family, wellness and rehabilitation services. It has been determined that in the spring and summer, the sunniest days are in the seaside rather than in other places in Lithuania.

A large part of the coast of Lithuania is occupied by nature protected areas. These are the „Kursiu nerijos“ and „Pajurio regioninis“ parks. There are many rarely visited and clean beaches, pedestrian and bike trails, a lot of rare plants, a large variety of birds and butterflies.

Palanga is a great place for lovers of both active and passive leisure. Sandy beaches, an ancient park with palaces, a horse riding track, a swimming pool, biking trails and a multitude of cultural events annually attract more and more tourists. For many years, the spectacular resort’s tradition is held of leading the setting sun into the sea from the bridge. Smoked fish and cold beer are one of the favorite delicacies in the seafront. The streets of the city offer great amber items, as well as traditional wood, linen and wicker products.

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