Sventoji – a resort town on the Baltic coast, it is 12 km away to the north from the center of Palanga. A resort town is situated on the left shore of the Sventoji river, which flows into the Baltic Sea. It is an old fisherman’s settlement, where archaeological finds date back to 3000 BC.

Over time, a fisherman’s settlement turned into a port, which is known from the XIII century. Sventoji port was actively used in XVI-XVII c. and seriously competing with neighboring Klaipeda, Liepaja, Ventspils and Riga ports, especially after the English merchants got the privilege to equip in Sventoji a port was able to accept large cargo vessels. In XVII c. to Sventoji was granted the right to independently marketed and development of maritime business, it has significantly improved the port economy. Trade with England, Denmark was held through the Sventoji port. Widely held sound about Sventoji port until in 1701 it was destroyed and filled with stones and sand by the Swedish fleet.

When Lithuania became independent, Sventoji as a part of the Couronian province belonged to Latvia. It was returned to Lithuania in 1921 by a decision of the international arbitration committee led by Lord J. Simpson, since most of the residents here were Lithuanians. In 1925 port reconstruction works, creation of fishermen’s settlement began in Sventoji. Unfortunately, the port was constantly choked up with sand, so the works went on with difficulty and Sventoji did not grow into a large port.

Sventoji as a resort town in the Baltic region and Europe was known since the interwar period. The most Sventoji fame and expanded after World War II. In 1970 Sventoji was connected to Palanga and become a part of the resort of Palanga.

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