Dutchman‘s hat

Dutchman‘s hat – a 24.4-meter-high slope on the Baltic Sea coast that offers a view of the sea with steep shores and rocky beaches. It’s easy to watch birds flying over the sea.

The Dutchman‘s hat has long been a landmark for sailors and fishermen, since it has been covered with pine and oaks, well separated from the sandy plain. In the beggining of the 19th century Navigation signs were built and since then marked on maps. It is believed that the mountain has received the name of the Dutchman‘s hat because of its similarity to the Dutch hat when viewed from the sea. And the locals called this place in Melmuze (from the Curonian Latvian language meaning „black manor“). There are also other versions of the name appearing. It is believed that most probably Dutch merchants who lived in the village of Turlak (later Tauralaukis manor), whose holdings stretch from the wide seashore stretch from the Dutchman‘s hat to the northern city of Klaipeda, and the shipyard, are also the authors of the name ” Dutchman‘s hat”. It’s also a common story that many years ago a Dutch seaman‘s was thrown on the shore, and from that time on, the name came for the area.

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