Birute park


Comfortable relaxation in Palanga cannot be imagined not only without the sea but also without a walk in one of the most beautiful parks in Eastern Europe – Birute Park. This resort area called the pearl of Palanga is adorned every year in order to make it even more attractive to holidaymakers.

Birute Park was established in the territory of the former sacred Birute Forest and Birute Hill. At the end of 19th century, famous French architect Édouard François André prepared a project for a landscape park at the order of Tiskeviciai.

Brilliantly designed park has a large variety of images and sentiments with artfully arranged pathways and flowerbeds in yards. This swampy area of Tiskeviciai estate was overgrown with hassocks. At the request of the counts, ponds were excavated in this place and the soil was used for the construction of the mansion. The famous Amber Museum is now located in the neo-renaissance style mansion built on this estate in 1897.

Birute Park is a great place for quiet and comfortable family relaxation, therefore, parents and their children, young people as well as senior Palanga residents or visitors enjoy spending their time here.

Project “The Reflections of Birute Park History” implemented for the last ten years in the park silently brings the visitors back to the past of the resort during the times of Counts Tiskeviciai. On summer Thursdays one can meet characters representing Counts Tiskeviciai and their guests who lived in Palanga of the last century. Authentic clothing is made according to the surviving photographs of the family of Counts Tiskeviciai. Recreated jewellery and details such as antique bicycle or baby stroller provides the visitors of Birute Park with the sense of reality rather than a theatrical impression..

Traditionally, three times a week on every summer Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 6:30 p.m. brass music fans gather in park rotunda where professional orchestra of Palanga gives free concerts for the residents and guests of Palanga in the surroundings of nature.

The series of chamber music concerts “Night Serenades” (lt. “Nakties serenados”) is just another traditional event that has been celebrating Palanga, Birute Park and Amber Museum for more than a decade.

The park bursts into colourful blossoms in September when Days of Birute Park are organized. This event is for the enthusiasts preferring quiet and comfortable outdoors relaxation.