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Palanga is the largest and most popular resort in Lithuania, so there are plenty of places to visit and to be entertained both close to and in Palanga.

Birute park

Comfortable relaxation in Palanga cannot be imagined not only without the sea but also without a walk in one of the most beautiful parks in Eastern Europe – Birute Park. This resort area called the pearl of Palanga is adorned every year in order to make it even more attractive to holidaymakers.

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Dutchman‘s hat

Dutchman‘s hat – a 24.4-meter-high slope on the Baltic Sea coast that offers a view of the sea with steep shores and rocky beaches. It’s easy to watch birds flying over the sea.

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Palanga botanical park

This landscape park is one of the prettiest, best preserved, and best maintained parks in coastal region of Lithuania. The park was designed by the famous French landscape architect and botanist Eduard Fransua Andre, (1840 -1911), who spent three summers in Palanga and headed the foundation of the park.

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Klaipeda Zoo

There are about 200 animals in the zoo today. This collection consists of over 150 species, many of which are included in the Lithuanian and International Red Books.

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he Lithuanian Sea Museum Dolphinarium was opened in 1994. This dolphinarium, founded in Smiltyne, is the only one on the eastern coast of the Baltic. The cheerful dolphin, sea lions and seals inhabitants of the museum pull in crowds of visitors every day, the museum hosts therapeutic sessions, and educational sessions for children.

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Lithuanian sea museum

24 large, modern aquariums with three times more fish than before the reconstruction. All of this from the end of 2017 can be seen by visitors visiting the Lithuanian sea museum, who have finally opened a completely changed and newly-lit aquarium after four years, the biggest show of which is the tunnel, in which the visitors find themselves as if submerged under water, as sturgeons, skates and other fish swim over their heads.

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Palanga Amber Museum

The largest palace in the center of Birute Park houses the museum, one of the most visited places in the country. It is one of the world’s largest amber inclusion and unique pieces containing museums, with a total of over 30 thousand exhibits.

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Sculpture “Fisherman’s Daughters”

In 1982, in the dunes near the gate of Sventoji Harbor, an impressive 4-meter high sculptural composition “Fisherman’s Daughters” was created – three long-haired girls looking at the sea, waiting for their father to returnin after fishing.

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Sventoji – a resort town on the Baltic coast, it is 12 km away to the north from the center of Palanga. A resort town is situated on the left shore of the Sventoji river, which flows into the Baltic Sea. It is an old fisherman’s settlement, where archaeological finds date back to 3000 BC.

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Palanga sculpture park

In the center of the city, at the crossroads of Vytautas and J. Simpsono streets, the Sculpture Park is not only drawing eyes of passers – in the summer it becomes a place for lovers of peaceful rest with family, the little ones or friends.

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Musical fountain

The musical fountain is astonishing entertainment seekers in the warm season with music, light and water dance. People can select the melody by which the fountain will be dancing, themelody can be selected via SMS from a special playlist. Every day, enthusiasts are delighted with free one hour long performances.

Dance to the music of water

Palanga Kurhaus

For some, this is a reminder of the old and romantic Palanga, for others it is a place of joy for youth, and for the third ones it is an entire list of names.

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Birute mountain

When walking in Birute park, one of the most beautiful places in Palanga, be certain to visit irute Hill. Here, centuries-old sacred Birute pine forest still thrives in the territory of former Tiškevičiai Mansion. It surrounds the legendary Birute Hill standing 21 meters above the sea level and overlooking magnificent view of soughing sea.

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Jonas Basanavicius street

This is the central street of the city. This street was formerly called Tyshkevich Street or Boulevard. 1923 In summer Palanga visited Dr. Jonas Basanavicius. In honor of the patriarch of the nation, Palangiskiai named Tiskevicius Boulevard by the name of J. Basanavičius.

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Sea bridge

It is impossible to imagine Palanga without the Sea bridge, a place attracting everyone. Beautiful scenery of dunes, yellow beaches and limitless sea open before the eyes of onlooker, the sounds of the sea and shrieks of seagulls fill in the air. Evenings may be comfortably spent on the benches with loved ones watching amazing sunsets.

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